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YAMAHA (drums)

While Larry changes his kit and colour for each tour. For the most recent ‘Vertigo 2005’ tour the kit was a Beech Custom in white, comprising, 24" bass drum, 14 rack tom, 16" floor tom and another 16" floor-mounted tom; to the left of his high-hats. His hardware is all Yamaha and includes five boom cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, bass pedal and snare stand.

2003>2006 VERTIGO tour era - drum kit*

1999>2002 ELEVATION tour era - drum kit*

1996>1998 POPMART tour era - drum kit*

1991>1993 ZOOTV/ZOOROPA tours era - drum kit*

1986>1990 JOSHUA TREE/LOVE TOWN tours era - drum kit*

1984>1985 UNFORGETTABLE FIRE tour era - drum kit*

1982>1983 WAR tour era - drum kit*

While even the earliest of his YAMAHA kits were meant to be double headed drums, LARRY did not play them as such. He had the bottom head cut, leaving about an inch of drum head attached and the centers missing, on the underside of his toms. This gave his drums the look of a double headed tom but the tone and feel of his TAMA "Fibre Star" single headed toms. This continued from 1983 (when Larry began using YAMAHA drums through the 1989/1990 LOVE TOWN tours end.
It was not until around the time of the ZOOTV / ZOOROPA tours that Larry began using double head toms with BOTH drums heads affixed.



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